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CXA Customer-centric Culture Award


Important Notice

We regret to announce that the CXA awards have been postponed indefinitely while all efforts and attention is focused on making Africa’s leading CX event (CEM) even better. Please join us on 31 July and 1 August in Cape Town

CXA’s postponed indefinitely      

We regret to announce that the CXA’s will be postponed indefinitely while we focus on the production of another great CEM conference.

A big thank you to all those involved in the process and we promise that we will be back to honour South Africa’s top CX achievers soon.


Join us at CEM Africa 2019

CEM Africa is a meeting place for CX professionals and innovative CX solution providers. Where like-minded customer experience experts and the top CX solution providers gather for an informative and educational summit with the common goal of improving customer experience across Africa. The event will provide a platform for like-minded CX professionals to showcase their industry knowledge as well as solutions to better the customer’s perception of the brand.

Customer Journey at the Core

2019 sees a shift in the content design structure; more customer centric and a deeper focus on practical application through Case Studies and Whitepapers. The main plenary and workshop content will follow the customer journey from awareness to advocacy and everything between. Only practical examples and case studies will feature in 2019, to ensure that every minute spent at CEM 2019 is of great value.

A Practical Journey Through Customer Centricity.

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