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The CXA Awards offers different sponsorship opportunities that may suit your needs.

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As a category sponsor you will receive the following:

  • Logo on trophy
  • Logo on Certificate
  • Representative intro
  • Logo on AV screens
  • Logo on website

  • Pre event mailer shots
  • PR announcing sponsorship
  • Direct access to category winner & interview
  • Logo on mailers & database
  • Announce category winner

  • Table worth R20 000, seats 8
  • Branding In & around the venue
  • Floor space at CEM

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This award will be given to the company that delivers its services seamlessly across and between all channels. It drives a highly consistent customer experience between and across all channels. This organisation fully understands its customers, their preferred channels, and the stages its customers are on a customer journey. This organisation’s overall message is experienced through every interaction that the customer has with the brand, regardless of channel, department, area of the business, etc.

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This award will be given to the truly customer focused organisation that has used a new customer insight to significantly shift and influence their business to change – from capturing the customer insight, analysing the customer feedback and transactional data, to implementing the insight/s in product, processes, change in business model or delivery that reflect the findings.

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This award will be presented to an organisation that has integrated a customer-centric culture into their company. The employees of the company have knowledge of the organisation’s customer experience vision from the bottom line up to senior management and executives.

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This award will be given to the company that has successfully implemented innovative CX solutions and generated positive customer experiences by doing so. This organisation has been innovative in their approach to their digital interaction with customers, and enabled customers to interact with the brand via a platform of their choice seamlessly and with ease.

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This award will be given to the company/person who has significantly enhanced and transformed the customer experience for their organization. This person/company has significantly changed the customer’s perception of the organization and made it easier for customers to do business with them through a new approach to CX.

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This award will be given to the person who has made a significant impact on the customer experience management industry. They have achieved a high level of practical CX knowledge and great overall experience through doing customer focused things. They have been innovative in their approach to the industry. They inspire and mentor and share.

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